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We are an educational and charitable interfaith organization of Russian-speaking Americans. We aim to develop the organizing power of our community, its successful integration in American civil society, advance immigrant rights, civic participation, and leadership development. We raise public awareness of our community and the achievements of its members and promote collaboration with other communities in the pursuit of a more just and fair society with equal opportunities for all.


  RCCMB has a 501(c)(3) tax- exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service. Your tax-deductible gift to us supports our events and activities, strengthens progressive voices in the Russian-American community, and helps advance its integration into the fabric of American civil society. We will gratefully acknowledge your contribution that you can make by regular mail or online -

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     If  you are interested in volunteering for us, have some knowledge of Russian community as well as general immigrant affairs, and/or fundraising experience, please write about yourself and your interests to rccmb@rccmb.org.

We have co-founded, with our national association and others, the Russian-speaking Diaspora Justice Award
Our members took part in the Russian-Ukrainian antiwar rally and dialogue on March 1, 2015
Read Ilaria Parogni's coverage of our Russian language rights advocacy on Pavementpieces.com 

     Welcome to the website of Russian-Speaking Community Council of Manhattan & the Bronx. We are an interfaith, grassroots community organization of new Americans from countries of the former Soviet Union. We aim to develop our community's organizing power and civic participation in American society.  We also aim to raise public awareness of the legacy of the movement for the freedom of migration and other human and civil rights movements in countries of the former Soviet Union and their relevance today.

     We hope that your visit to this site will be only the first step in our relationship. We are looking forward to hearing from you at rccmb@rccmb.org. Your support for our community service, organizing and advocacy will be highly appreciated. 

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RCCMB leadership with Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, Oct. 21, 2015

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45 percent of Russian-speaking Jews in NYC - more than any other subgroup in the Jewish population - live in poverty, according to the UJA-Federation's Jewish Community Study of 2011; in reality, both the numbers of Russian-speaking Jews and the extent of economic need among them are much higher. Washington Heights is one of the key areas of residence of Russian-speakers in New York - including some of the most exceptionally well-educated, skilled, and talented people who have not been recognized by existing institutions. Our community urgently needs resources, as well as equal opportunity and inclusion in the economic and political system. Our interfaith organization of Jewish, Christian and other immigrants from former Soviet Union countries is proud to co-sponsor this much-needed forum with our Council Members, a forum that must lead to real solutions for Russian-speaking immigrants in the area!

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On October 11, 2015, our community leadership held a meeting with the leadership of the Armenian-American community of Northern Manhattan at the Holy Cross Church of Armenia, to discuss collaboration on bringing more visibility to the richness and beauty of ethnic traditions and cultures that have been historically present in our part of the city.

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On October 9, 2015, ARA/RCCMB represented the Russian-American community at the Global Diaspora Week launch in Washington DC, keynoted by Secretary of State Hon. John Kerry. Please follow the news about it on the website of our American Russian-speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights,

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First projects of our Applied Research Center on the Russian-speaking Diaspora

Dr. Natalya Petroff, 'Bilingual Early Literacy Project' (Executive Summary in Russian)

Michael Dorfman, 'Russian-speaking Immigrants in Israel in the Context of International Migration' (Executive Summary in Englishfull text in Russian)

Pavel Mamontov, 'Russian/Russian-speaking Immigrants in the US Labor Movement in Past and Present' (Executive Summary - bilingual, full text in English )

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                 Dmitri Glinski opening RCCMB annual event                        Jorge Montalvo speaking              Presenting our Applied Research Center projects


   Dr. Natalya Petroff on bilingual education            Michael Dorfman on Russians in Israel                                     After the conclusion of the event


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On June 2, we took part in the White House Ethnic Day, as part of a group led by American Russian-speaking Association for Civil & Human Rights. This was the first time that representatives of the Russian-American community were invited to the White House Ethnic Day. The program included remarks by Senior Advisor to President Obama Valerie Jarrett; Immigration Reform Briefing with White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz; ethnic leaders panel moderated by President Obama's appointee to the US Commission for International Religious Freedom Dr. James Zogby; and a foreign policy overview with Special Advisor to the Vice President for Europe and Eurasia Michael Carpenter and Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Russia and Central Asia at the National Security Council Dr. Celeste Wallander


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                        RCCMB's Dmitri Daniel Glinski with Councilman Mark D.                         RCCMB's Sylvia Riabichev with Councilman Mark Treyger at the celebration of the end of WWII            Levine after the rally for NYC parks funding, May 27, 2015                                                       at NYC Council, May 7, 2015    

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On April 17, RCCMB was represented at the launch of the White House' National Integration Plan at Migration Policy Institute in Washington DC. Below is the video of the event, including our dialogue with Felicia Escobar, Special Assistant to President Obama for Immigration Policy.